Daniel Adams

California, USA

Jesus saved me from the Taliban.

Hi. I am a Major General Serving in the U.S Army, My Home Squardron is the 430th Tactical Fighter Squardron located in Kandahar, Afghanistan. In May 2013, we were among team bravo that went out for a major operation in Kandahar, a little break in our ranks and in a jiffy we were tied up together, headed for a camp in the "middle of nowhere". I was sacred, my partners were scared. Along the way, we encountered some stiffer Taliban who insisted that they execute us and go about their day. I prayed so hard to the Lord for help, while urging my men to remain strong. A little more conversation and it was obvious that we would be executed. I told my men to brace themselves for the worst. We waited for two more agonizing hours, and at last, they came out from their tents, cut us loose, and decided to taunt us before the execution. Then it happened, in a flash... I cannot explain it uptill this day, but a Sergent led the assault, stepped on his toe,before his colleagues could comprehend what just took place, we had shot 4 rebels, and was already shooting our way out inTHEIR vehicle that BROUGHT US. Although 3 of my men were lost that day, it was a victory because God rescued my men, my life and we arrived back safely to our camp in Kandahar. Praise God! 

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